My favorite contour palette, by Sephora



Although the design of this product is annoying and the highlight shades are useless this is by far the best contour product I have ever used.


The deep tan shade on the left is smooth and warm in color. It works as a bronzer on me.


For contour I use the cooler tone on the right hand side. This is what I use down the sides of my nose and as a sharp contrast under my cheek bones. If I feel the color is too grey I warm up my face with the bronzer.


The really dark color at the bottom is what I use for under my jawline. I don’t use this anywhere else it’s just way to dark. A little goes a long way with this shade. Tread lightly if you are med to tan. BTW for reference I am a deep tan, MAC NC 42.


Now back to those highlight shades. They are useless. They are super chalky, not smooth, and not pigmented. They get in the way of the contour shades but I work around them.


Sephora has marked this on sale, it looks as though it is now a discontinued product. I’ve stalked up on this palette. Sad to see it go but I hope it gets redesigned for us darker skin girls.




Is being a Sephora VIB Rouge member worth it?

Stop what your doin’ cause I’m about to ruin…


In my opinion being a rouge member is not worth going out of your way to spend $1000.

Here is what you get for being a member and why I did not benefit from much of it.

Attend free rouge events- I don’t hang out with strangers. In fact, I’m an introvert. I get anxious around people I do not know and I definitely won’t talk to anyone just for the hell of it. Not for me, nope.

Get free stuff- I never got anything “free”. All of the free offers were coupon codes for product or samples that you could redeem during checkout. Meaning you have to buy something to get something for free. I’m not going to buy something just so I can grab a free sample or a lipstick in a shade I won’t even wear. I’ve collected way to many totes from them. Stahp!

Free Shipping- They already give you free shipping if you spend over $50. I’ve never in my life placed an order for anything less than $50 on Sephora’s website. Who even does that?

Unlimited access to the beauty studio- I’m a rouge member cause I got mad skillz and hoard makeup. I’m pretty confident I can do my own makeup better than any person working at a Sephora. No beauty studio needed here.

Private concierge- If you are spending that much money you probably already know so much about product and how to use it. I can see how this is helpful to some who need to find the right skincare or foundation for their skin type. But I do believe you can figure all that out on your own. I’m a resourceful person and I like to get it done on my own. 🙂

Additional perk- Early access to sales and such. This is cool, however I never took advantage of getting a day earlier to shop. Truthfully, I don’t feel like I missed out rather I lucked out. The day the rouge sale went live for VIB members was 11/5 from 7-9 in stores and I think online..Anyway I missed it and shopped online today 11/6. Ebates had an 8% cash back offer + the 20% off VIB code so that means I am saving 28% on my order in total. Sign up for ebates!!!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Please understand I LOVE SEPHORA! I have dreams that I’m shopping there with an unlimited bank account and I can take whatever I want for free. I’m not kidding. Being in a Sephora is close to heaven for me. They need to let us start having sleepovers with our friends there as events. Then I would go!

My loves, I don’t mean to come off as negative. I’m just expressing my disappointment in this program. I may or may not qualify for rouge again. I can tell you that I won’t go out of my way to keep the status. If it happens it happens.

Please do share you experience with me. Did you love being a rouge member?

Lorac says buh-bye to Sephora

I walked into Sephora today just to browse. I was on a ride along, my friend needed to pick up a refill of her Bare Minerals foundation. I walked over to the Lorac stand to see what was new and noticed a bright red clearance sign up. There was one last eye primer left and it was $5.25 off the original retail so I had to grab it. Who actually walks out of Sephora empty handed right? My favorite eye shadow primer is by Lorac it’s called the “Behind the scenes primer”. It’s the only one that can keep my oily eyelids in check.

At the checkout stand I asked the cashier what was going on with the sale. Is Lorac going out of business or just leaving Sephora? She explained to me that the owner of Lorac, Carol Shaw has decided not to do business with Sephora anymore, she is pulling her line from Sephora stores and You may have noticed the Lorac Pro Palette has been out of stock for quite some time. I’m not quite sure why but there could be a plethora of reasons. The cost of doing business with Sephora may not be worth it or perhaps Carol has some growth strategies up her sleeve. Let’s juts hope I can find the Lorac Pro  palette when I decide to buy it. I know, I’m a little late.

 I wanted to let you know that the new birthday gift is available and it’s fabulous! I walked out of there with a mini MUFE lipstick in Natural N9 and the new Smokey Lash Extravagant mascara.


Beauty Blog: Urban Decay Naked3 Palette is HERE!


UPDATE: So I was able to place an order on on November 21. I received an email from Urban Decay saying the Naked 3 was now in stock and to place an order. I did so at 10:15 AM PST. A few hours later the item was out of stock and is still showing out of stock online. It’s 11/24 5:43 PM PST. Sign up for email on the Urban Decay site if you want to be the first to know when they are back in stock. Good luck!

Original Post:

What does it take for you to get naked? Not much for me. Urban Decay will soon release their Naked3 Palette. This new product is inspired by rose gold hues. The case is beautiful and the shades are more warmer. All brand new shades too!  Would you buy this just to have it or can you see yourself using these shades on a daily basis? I’d like to hear your opinion below.

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I’ve heard this is set to release in December but I’ve also heard they are waiting for January. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release this on the Urban Decay site first and then waited to allow Sephora to sell it. If you want first hand access you should sign up for the Urban Decay email list.


*These images are from the Urban Decay website.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored High-Shine Nail Polish in Jezebel 138





This nail polish is everything it should be. It’s glossy, dries within a few minutes, lasts for 5-6 days and the packaging oh-my-gawd. No joke while I was taking these photos I felt like I was watching a naughty movie. Totally worth the money and I can’t wait to collect a few more colors.

I made my Marc Beauty haul at The nail laquer runs $18 each. For money saving tips on check out this blog post I wrote.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul plus a Sephora 10% off coupon code!

I drove to two different Sephora locations today looking for the new Marc Jacobs line. The Sephora inside JCP did not have anything so I drove to another stand alone store. My intent was to browse the product, test, swatch and write down what I wanted to haul. I try not to shop at Sephora stores but rather on their dot com. There is always some coupon code or free sample code to use and today I was able to get 8% cash back from ebates PLUS there is a VIB 10% code going on right now. I placed my order online and got 18% off. Woo hoo!

My haul should arrive by Thursday next week so I will be doing a product review of each item. Get excited.



If you have not signed up for ebates cash back you are truly missing out. They mail me a check every few months and I get coupon codes for discounts and samples. You also get a free $10 gift card for just signing up! Never shop online without ebates again! Click here:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

If you are a  Sephora VIB you can use code v436cb for 10% off your online purchase.

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Product Review: Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Protective Fluid SPF 15

Being an oily skin girl has many limitations. One being very little opportunity to try various skincare products since only a few compliment and control my skin issues and most just add to the disastrous mid-day meltdowns.

I became determined to find an good quality everyday moisturizer with SPF that wouldn’t add to my oiliness but simply hydrate and protect. I scoured, read reviews and ratings, filtered by top rated, best sellers and finally found the Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Protective Fluid SPF 15.

This moisturizer is described for normal-combo skin, guards against external aggressors, will make the skin look luminous and supple. It’s not watery or too thick and takes 3 pumps to cover my entire face. I can’t say my skin looked luminous but it was in fact supple.

For $56 this everyday moisturizer is overpriced. It does provide hydration but leaves my skin feeling a little sticky for about 15 minutes. I don’t have 15 minutes in the AM to let my moisturizer sink in before I apply makeup. This smells great, leaves my skin feeling soft and supple however I would not pay the hefty price tag again. For the money  I spent I deserve more, like a treatment and moisturizer in one. It’s not at all a bad product just not one worth the price. Not a repurchase for me.




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