Dark Circle Under Eye Color Corrector for Tan/Deep Skin

Hey! If you suffer from dark circles like me I have some great items for you. These will color correct the purple/blue discoloration under your eyes, any scars and darkness around your mouth. After you color correct you can always add a brightener under the eyes for a dramatic finish. These holy grail items have never let me down.

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My favorite is the Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in Biscuit. This has a salmon/pink undertone that works well to color correct dark circles. Bonus- if you are a deep tan skin tone this will also blend well into the other parts of the face to hide scars and discoloration. The finish is natural and does not need to be set with a powder.

The L.A. Girl PRO Concealer is more dramatic option and best for ladies with a deep dark skin tone. The red/orange shade can counteract the darkest circles. You will need to use another concealer on top though. I would recommend an actual skin tone concealer and not just a brightener. You will need to hide the red/orange.

Last but not least I use this Bobbi Brown concealer that has a pink undertone alone. The shade matches my skin tone while the undertone counteracts dark circles. I can use this alone when I feel like using minimal product but with strong coverage. It is a bit creamy and thick so you will need to warm the product up before application. Just rub a bit in between your fingers and pat on. You will need to set this with a powder as it does crease.

For reference I am an NC 42 in Mac, Syracuse in Nars Foundations, and Golden Beige in Cover Girl.

July 2013 Beauty Favorites


I’ve discovered some new beauty favorites over the last few months and I’m so excited to share them with you.




I absolutely love this concealer so so so much that I don’t wear foundation anymore. That’s a big deal for me. It covers all scars, brightens up my complexion, conceals dark circles and totally evens out my skin tone. I spot this all over, buff it out with my Sigma F80 flat top brush and set with blot powder. I totally recommend this. It’s creamy, sets dry and stays in place all day. It’s full coverage too.




I’m always impressed with the Wet’n Wild matte lipsticks. The colors are so rich and last all day. I love this summery orange red, it’s called red velvet #910D.



Who doesn’t love a purple liner. This rich pigment is creamy and stays put. I received this Cailyn eye liner in one of my IPSY bags. Worth the 10 bucks alone.


I’m rushing in the AM for a quick eye look so typically I reach for this NYX trio. I use the brown shade on my lid and to fill in my eyebrows. If I have time I’ll use all three shades for a more classic cut crease look.


The pores around my nose are getting larger, thankfully this takes care of all that. This does fill my pores, creates a matte canvas before makeup and has acids in it to exfoliate during the day. Use an SPF!


This lavender scented deodorant smells like a spa..aahhhh. This is great for someone who isn’t really active. If you’re headed to a gym grab something stronger. For everyday use this is a pretty decent option and it smells amazing.

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