Modani Phantom Black Sofa + Living Room Decor

Modani Modern Furniture has inspired me to design a living room reflecting my own personal style. I chose the Phantom Black Sofa.The look I was going for is mostly feminine with a mix of hard metals, wood accents and pops of color.

If you want to get some inspiration at how Modani displays their pieces take a look at some of their modern furniture stores.

Modani Phantom Black Sofa + Living Room Decor

Living Room Inspiration- Teal Couch

Living Room Inspiration- Teal Couch

Welcome spring! Cool lagoon and warm coral create a snap shot of spring in the living room. I’m looking to revamp my living space and in the midst I’ve been creating all sorts of looks. What do you think about this happy combo?

Coral lighting

Blue rug
$470 –

Ceramic vase

Tapestry throw pillow
$115 –

Pinch high back chair

Thrive fabric couch

Round coffee table

Parsons table

You can now shop on H&!

H&M online is now up and running!

It’s been long awaited, and now it’s here. You can now shop online with H&M. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked their website this year hoping there was something I could check out with. Not only do they have apparel for women, men, and kids but now they are selling home décor! It’s all pretty fab and I’m excited to pick up a few things. I’m still wondering what took them so long to get their business online, nonetheless I’m excited. I went through the checkout process and it seemed fine at first. I did receive a server issue the first time around but the second time I was able to checkout successfully. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few technical issues happening on their site with all the traffic hitting them during peak business hours.




*All of these images are from the H&M site.

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