NARS Exclusive Sale. Insiders take 20% off

I just received this email from Nars and I’m so ecstatic! I need to grab a foundation and maybe a new blush. Are you planning on shopping this sale and will you let me know what you are picking up? Happy Shopping!

Code: take20

nars sale

Is being a Sephora VIB Rouge member worth it?

Stop what your doin’ cause I’m about to ruin…


In my opinion being a rouge member is not worth going out of your way to spend $1000.

Here is what you get for being a member and why I did not benefit from much of it.

Attend free rouge events- I don’t hang out with strangers. In fact, I’m an introvert. I get anxious around people I do not know and I definitely won’t talk to anyone just for the hell of it. Not for me, nope.

Get free stuff- I never got anything “free”. All of the free offers were coupon codes for product or samples that you could redeem during checkout. Meaning you have to buy something to get something for free. I’m not going to buy something just so I can grab a free sample or a lipstick in a shade I won’t even wear. I’ve collected way to many totes from them. Stahp!

Free Shipping- They already give you free shipping if you spend over $50. I’ve never in my life placed an order for anything less than $50 on Sephora’s website. Who even does that?

Unlimited access to the beauty studio- I’m a rouge member cause I got mad skillz and hoard makeup. I’m pretty confident I can do my own makeup better than any person working at a Sephora. No beauty studio needed here.

Private concierge- If you are spending that much money you probably already know so much about product and how to use it. I can see how this is helpful to some who need to find the right skincare or foundation for their skin type. But I do believe you can figure all that out on your own. I’m a resourceful person and I like to get it done on my own. 🙂

Additional perk- Early access to sales and such. This is cool, however I never took advantage of getting a day earlier to shop. Truthfully, I don’t feel like I missed out rather I lucked out. The day the rouge sale went live for VIB members was 11/5 from 7-9 in stores and I think online..Anyway I missed it and shopped online today 11/6. Ebates had an 8% cash back offer + the 20% off VIB code so that means I am saving 28% on my order in total. Sign up for ebates!!!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Please understand I LOVE SEPHORA! I have dreams that I’m shopping there with an unlimited bank account and I can take whatever I want for free. I’m not kidding. Being in a Sephora is close to heaven for me. They need to let us start having sleepovers with our friends there as events. Then I would go!

My loves, I don’t mean to come off as negative. I’m just expressing my disappointment in this program. I may or may not qualify for rouge again. I can tell you that I won’t go out of my way to keep the status. If it happens it happens.

Please do share you experience with me. Did you love being a rouge member?

Lorac says buh-bye to Sephora

I walked into Sephora today just to browse. I was on a ride along, my friend needed to pick up a refill of her Bare Minerals foundation. I walked over to the Lorac stand to see what was new and noticed a bright red clearance sign up. There was one last eye primer left and it was $5.25 off the original retail so I had to grab it. Who actually walks out of Sephora empty handed right? My favorite eye shadow primer is by Lorac it’s called the “Behind the scenes primer”. It’s the only one that can keep my oily eyelids in check.

At the checkout stand I asked the cashier what was going on with the sale. Is Lorac going out of business or just leaving Sephora? She explained to me that the owner of Lorac, Carol Shaw has decided not to do business with Sephora anymore, she is pulling her line from Sephora stores and You may have noticed the Lorac Pro Palette has been out of stock for quite some time. I’m not quite sure why but there could be a plethora of reasons. The cost of doing business with Sephora may not be worth it or perhaps Carol has some growth strategies up her sleeve. Let’s juts hope I can find the Lorac Pro  palette when I decide to buy it. I know, I’m a little late.

 I wanted to let you know that the new birthday gift is available and it’s fabulous! I walked out of there with a mini MUFE lipstick in Natural N9 and the new Smokey Lash Extravagant mascara.


June 2013 IPSY Glam Bag


So glad my IPSY arrives at work. It’s just something that brightens my dull day of marketing. Not really, I like my job. So neon is out right? Well, I don’t care. A neon zipper across a leopard pouch is the perfect punch of tacky for me. I like it. I like the material too. It’s a tough canvas so I can imagine that it will be easy to clean.


As for the contents of the bag I was utterly impressed. I got a purple gel liner by a brand called Cailyn and it came in a super cute package. I tried the liner on the back of my hand and it wouldn’t move. I tried soap and water but there are still remnants of the liner on me. That’s a win for me since my lids are oily. WIN-NING!!!!


The mosaic powder (blush) by NYX looks very pretty on the back on my hand but also a little light in color. I’m not sure how this will show up on my very tan skin. By the way the cap broke off right away. Sucks, I won’t be able to store it easily or travel with it. I’m not surprised or upset though. I don’t expect much from a cheaper cosmetic line. You get what you pay for right?



The lip liner I am super stoked about since I don’t own anything of this shade. It’s called “Tickle Me Pink” by Star Looks. The color is very pigmented, goes on smooth, and leaves the perfect stain. I love stains.


I don’t think I’ve ever worn glitter on my eyes. No, seriously. It just seems like such a mess to deal with plus I don’t want to look like a fairy. This pallet is super cute and the colors are gorgeous but I won’t be using it. Not trying to make anyone else feel bad about glitter but I think my time is up. I’m too old for it. Some lovely person will receive this as a gift.




My oily hair appreciates dry shampoo but not all are created equal. I’ve heard amazing things about the PSST dry shampoo but have yet to try it out…until now.

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May Beauty Favorites

color whisper loreal super slim eyeliner

color whisper loreal super slim eyeliner

So the month has blown by hasn’t it? I’ve come across a few new beauty items this month and have some old time favorites to share with you.

During my trip to Florida last week I started using the Body Shop Almond Body Butter. This butter totally saved my parched skin. I used it on sun burned areas and also after showers. It did take some work to get my skin to absorb it all up but it was worth it. My skin felt so soft and hydrated after. By the way this stuff smells amaze balls. It smells kind of like baby powder with an underlying note of sweet almond.

I’m getting into the habit of carrying blotting sheets with me everywhere. I purchased 5 of them from CVS. One for my car, my purse, my desk and a few for home. I like using the Clean & Clear brand. They are more pricey than generic brands but totally worth it. The sheets are thicker so they absorb more oil and they don’t move my makeup around.

I’ve always loved my Lancôme liquid liner but the price is a bit to bare every few months for something that may not be that far from a good drugstore product. A friend gifted me with the L’Oreal Super Slim 12 HR Infallible liquid liner. I have to say it isn’t just super slim. I can create a thick line if I need to by layering. Plus I’ve been at the liquid liner game for over 15 years. The liner stays on all day and is pretty black against my dark skin tone. It’s really black, stays put, and lasts all day. I’m pretty happy with it.

Last but not at all least is the Maybelline Color Whisper in Cherry on Top #50. This is a gorgeous hot pink with a blue undertone. This sort of shade is universal, meaning it looks good on most people. One swipe gives a sheer wash of pink while adding layers turns this whisper into a holler. Like “holler at me baby my lips are hot pink”.

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