July 2013 Beauty Favorites


I’ve discovered some new beauty favorites over the last few months and I’m so excited to share them with you.




I absolutely love this concealer so so so much that I don’t wear foundation anymore. That’s a big deal for me. It covers all scars, brightens up my complexion, conceals dark circles and totally evens out my skin tone. I spot this all over, buff it out with my Sigma F80 flat top brush and set with blot powder. I totally recommend this. It’s creamy, sets dry and stays in place all day. It’s full coverage too.




I’m always impressed with the Wet’n Wild matte lipsticks. The colors are so rich and last all day. I love this summery orange red, it’s called red velvet #910D.



Who doesn’t love a purple liner. This rich pigment is creamy and stays put. I received this Cailyn eye liner in one of my IPSY bags. Worth the 10 bucks alone.


I’m rushing in the AM for a quick eye look so typically I reach for this NYX trio. I use the brown shade on my lid and to fill in my eyebrows. If I have time I’ll use all three shades for a more classic cut crease look.


The pores around my nose are getting larger, thankfully this takes care of all that. This does fill my pores, creates a matte canvas before makeup and has acids in it to exfoliate during the day. Use an SPF!


This lavender scented deodorant smells like a spa..aahhhh. This is great for someone who isn’t really active. If you’re headed to a gym grab something stronger. For everyday use this is a pretty decent option and it smells amazing.

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9 thoughts on “July 2013 Beauty Favorites

  1. Oooooh I need to check out the philosophy pore thing! Is it better than benefit porefessional????
    Also, the Nars concealer! How much were both products????

    • It feels totally different than the porefessional. That acts like a primer for sure. This is a more matte feel, lightweight, and it does fill those pores. The nars concealer I think it was 32, and pore filler was like 35? ? I could be off but definitely wait for a sale or something. The nars concealer is amazing I would get that right away!

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