Birchbox July 2013


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After cancelling Birchbox for a few months I decided to re-subscribe. For no good reason to be honest. Maybe like a bad breakup sometimes time apart makes you miss them, and then you try again, and then you realize that it’s called a break up because it’s broken…Well we shall see how this goes.


I’m not really into foot creams so I guess maybe this is a good way to get started with the Gena Pedicure Foot Cream.


Ceramidin derma care cream by Dr. Jart. I peel my skin with salicylic acid every week so this will definitely be a must try for those dry sensitive spots.


This smells spicy and sweet like something I would want to eat not smell in my hair. I’ll add this to my spa day at home routine.  It’s called Ticon India oil and is for hair therapy.


I’ve never heard of Model Cosmetics but this beauty needs to hop on my lips. The shade is Peony.


I love bobby pins so much that I have a few hundred. But these gigantor clips are a bit much. These will also be added to my spa day at home routine. Clipping the bangs back during mask time.

Birchbox- you get a B- in class today.

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