June 2013 IPSY Glam Bag


So glad my IPSY arrives at work. It’s just something that brightens my dull day of marketing. Not really, I like my job. So neon is out right? Well, I don’t care. A neon zipper across a leopard pouch is the perfect punch of tacky for me. I like it. I like the material too. It’s a tough canvas so I can imagine that it will be easy to clean.


As for the contents of the bag I was utterly impressed. I got a purple gel liner by a brand called Cailyn and it came in a super cute package. I tried the liner on the back of my hand and it wouldn’t move. I tried soap and water but there are still remnants of the liner on me. That’s a win for me since my lids are oily. WIN-NING!!!!


The mosaic powder (blush) by NYX looks very pretty on the back on my hand but also a little light in color. I’m not sure how this will show up on my very tan skin. By the way the cap broke off right away. Sucks, I won’t be able to store it easily or travel with it. I’m not surprised or upset though. I don’t expect much from a cheaper cosmetic line. You get what you pay for right?



The lip liner I am super stoked about since I don’t own anything of this shade. It’s called “Tickle Me Pink” by Star Looks. The color is very pigmented, goes on smooth, and leaves the perfect stain. I love stains.


I don’t think I’ve ever worn glitter on my eyes. No, seriously. It just seems like such a mess to deal with plus I don’t want to look like a fairy. This pallet is super cute and the colors are gorgeous but I won’t be using it. Not trying to make anyone else feel bad about glitter but I think my time is up. I’m too old for it. Some lovely person will receive this as a gift.




My oily hair appreciates dry shampoo but not all are created equal. I’ve heard amazing things about the PSST dry shampoo but have yet to try it out…until now.

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