Fashion Blog: Haul Featuring Yumi Kim & Seychelles

Over the last few years I’ve collected a several Yumi Kim blouses. I must say the exquisite color pallets and prints on soft silk is what got me. I discovered her line in People magazine. Loren Conrad was wearing an Aztec print blouse and I was on the hunt. I couldn’t find the blouse she was wearing but I did come across some great pieces that I just needed to have in my wardrobe. I try to purchase a blouse from her line at least once a season. It’s a habit, a brand habit.

Yumi Kim top

Yumi Kim top

Yumi Kim top

Yumi Kim top

I came across these more basic blouses but I can totally see myself wearing them for years. I can dress them up or down, accessorize etc..I love the bright blue and basic ivory of the Lizzie Top, $139

Seychelles pumps

Seychelles pumps

seychelles pumps

Seychelles pumps

I’ve had my eye on these shoes for a while now. The price was a bit high for me so I waited a few months and purchased them when I saw a reduction. They were originally $90 but I got them for $69 from

What really caught my attention was the leopard print in the back and the suede front that is slightly reminiscent of the Alexander Wang Lovisa Pump. These shoes are chic and affordable, SCORE! Do you have any recent fashion favorites to share?

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