May Beauty Favorites

color whisper loreal super slim eyeliner

color whisper loreal super slim eyeliner

So the month has blown by hasn’t it? I’ve come across a few new beauty items this month and have some old time favorites to share with you.

During my trip to Florida last week I started using the Body Shop Almond Body Butter. This butter totally saved my parched skin. I used it on sun burned areas and also after showers. It did take some work to get my skin to absorb it all up but it was worth it. My skin felt so soft and hydrated after. By the way this stuff smells amaze balls. It smells kind of like baby powder with an underlying note of sweet almond.

I’m getting into the habit of carrying blotting sheets with me everywhere. I purchased 5 of them from CVS. One for my car, my purse, my desk and a few for home. I like using the Clean & Clear brand. They are more pricey than generic brands but totally worth it. The sheets are thicker so they absorb more oil and they don’t move my makeup around.

I’ve always loved my Lancôme liquid liner but the price is a bit to bare every few months for something that may not be that far from a good drugstore product. A friend gifted me with the L’Oreal Super Slim 12 HR Infallible liquid liner. I have to say it isn’t just super slim. I can create a thick line if I need to by layering. Plus I’ve been at the liquid liner game for over 15 years. The liner stays on all day and is pretty black against my dark skin tone. It’s really black, stays put, and lasts all day. I’m pretty happy with it.

Last but not at all least is the Maybelline Color Whisper in Cherry on Top #50. This is a gorgeous hot pink with a blue undertone. This sort of shade is universal, meaning it looks good on most people. One swipe gives a sheer wash of pink while adding layers turns this whisper into a holler. Like “holler at me baby my lips are hot pink”.

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2 thoughts on “May Beauty Favorites

  1. I love the Color Whisper! I have Cherry and a plum one.And I love anything Body Shop. Their Vitamin E Moisture Cream is the best! That whole line is amazing. Also their eye color in Peacock I’m constantly buying since it’s an amazing green. They have a 40% store wide sale right now too!

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